The Woman Who The Angels Follow

Prophetess Angalin Dukes was born June 12, 1954 in South Philadelphia where she did not grow up as an ordinary child.  Struggling with a learning disability, she was unable to learn as quickly as other children.  This setback caused her to constantly pray and seek God at an early age.


Called to the ministry at the young age of twenty years-old, Prophetess Dukes begin to minister as the Devotional Leader for a small church in West Philadelphia.  Under the direction of her pastor, it was through this ministry that Prophetess Dukes was able to attend a bible college and obtain her license.   As a teacher in the church, she was asked to leave because her knowledge and the gift of the Holy Spirit had surfaced to the point that her pastor felt it was time for her to go out on her own.  Prophetess Dukes began to evangelize and hold bible study classes out of her home which lead to the opening of The Whole Truth Church of Deliverance in March 1981. It was here that she soon learned that she had the gift of deliverance and healing.


Almost overnight Prophetess Dukes found herself known all over the Tri-State area for her powerful teaching and praying during her Half Hour of Deliverance Power broadcast which hit the air waves of WIBF radio Saturdays at Midnight.  She quickly was handed opportunities to host gospel programs alongside Louise Williams and Diane Brown.  These programs consisted of lineups such as the Original Blind Boys, The Singing Larks, The Gospel Blenders, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, The Clark Sisters, Solomon Burke and many more.  Prophetess Dukes soon became the Director of Heavenly Hall which she would soon learn was not the fate that God intended for her due to the amount of hypocrisy in the gospel music world.


In the meantime, Prophetess Dukes continued to preach and host gospel programs not realizing how strong the power of God was moving on her until one day praying for a blind woman whose eyes were opened that evening.  This miracle performed in front of a huge audience would change the way Prophetess Dukes was accepted in the gospel music world, as well as, in the pulpit.  People started getting healed of sickness and delivered from demons which caused her to be persecuted by her peers as they became envious of the power of the Holy Ghost.  She would soon leave Philadelphia due to the controversy surrounding her ministry and the deception of her peers whom once stood with her.


Now returning after twenty-two years with the power of God being twice as strong, Prophetess Dukes is on fire with the power of the Holy Ghost (Matt 3:11).  She has returned after being demanded by the almighty God to go back to the ministry and not to worry about finance because her gift would make room for her.  Stepping out on faith with no money or job, Prophetess Dukes returned once again as the pastor of The Whole Truth Church of Deliverance a healing and deliverance ministry was located on the 2nd floor “The Upper Room" of 1412 S. Broad Street but is presently located inside the PennsPort Mall, 223A McClellan St (3rd & Moore Sts.) in South Philadelphia.   People are being healed of sickness and delivered of demons immediately.  

The power is so strong on Prophetess Dukes that lines of twenty or more people have been slain in the spirit by her lifting her hand to touch just the first person in line. And when she prays, feathers fall and the angels of God make their appearance. The power of the Holy Ghost is truly in full operation on this “woman on fire".


To book Pastor Dukes for a powerful Old-Time Healing and Deliverance Revival please contact Karen Purvis in the Business Office at (215) 952-1947.


The angels have been sent to minister on behalf of the heirs of salvation. (Hebrews 1:14)


Prophetess Angalin Dukes is A TRUE Heir of Salvation